Cherelle Sappleton
Cherelle Sappleton is a visual artist of Afro-Caribbean descent, working and living in London, England. she initially started out with a performative practice whilst studying Fine Arts and Drama jointly at Bath Spa School of Art. However after graduating and taking a break of four years, she focused her practice on photographic media and image making whilst undertaking postgraduate study. Firstly, studying a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art and then an MA Fine Art Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design, which she completed in Jun 2013.

The images I make are a surreal take on the representation of the body through photographic media. Sometimes they are humorous, sometimes unsettling. I use cut outs from fashion editorials and adverts to create strange assemblages, with the body as its central subject. The body has been an enduring interest for me; originally setting out to work in performance, I used my body as material, influenced by the work of experimental dramatists like Meyerhold, Grotowski and Berkoff. Rather than working from the interior to produce believable representations of emotions, I was interested in working from the outside in, using exaggerated and sometimes bizarre movements and gestures to express emotion. I try to separate ‘the self’ from the body and focus on what is left. Reducing still further by using photography, my collages employ the flatness of the photographic print as a distancing tool, so whilst the ultra crisp fashion images suggest a depth, the cut edges remind the eye of their 2D nature. The body is cut, distorted, reconfigured and assembled into absurd beings, insect like or grotesque.

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Cherelle Sappleton
Duo, 2014 Paper Collage by Cherelle Sappleton